Super Gold Industrial Sdn Bhd has established the Environmental Policy in July 2021. The function of the policy is to emphasize minimizing the creation of wastes and pollution, complying with environmental regulator and practicing self-regulation.

Every year, environmental budgeting is being listed as the compulsory budgeting for this company. As both scheduled waste and water analysis are environment-controlled method in this company, the budgeting for both operational costs are about RM10,000 per year.

To show our concern on the environment, our company has done several programs that promote to the healthy environment. The list of programs that we made to preserved our environment is shown as below:


1. GO Green Campaign

To show our support to the clean environment, our company takes the first step in keep the clean environment with supporting the GO Green Campaign. The type of campaign that we choose is the recycling program. Our company generates a lot of paper, paper core from daily activity. We collect the waste and give it to the recycling facilities for recycle purpose.


We also collect all used ribbon cartridge to exchange for compatible instead of buying brand new to reduce E-waste.


2. Environmental Monitoring Committee (EMC)

To make sure the environment quality in this company is always in a safe environment, our company establish environmental monitoring committee (EMC) to monitor the waste that been generated in this company is being treated or recover before being discharged to the environment.


This committee will ensure the environmental quality in this company is following the guidelines or standard that been given by DOE.


There are one competence person that responsible to coordinate and manage the environment quality in this company. Ms. Mah Shi Min is a competent person in CePSWaM starting from January 2022 to manage the scheduled waste that is generated in this company.


There are eight members for the working level committee, that consist of the Director level to the operator level. 


The meeting for this level of the committee is being conducted once per month that being chaired by the Director.



There are five members for the policy level of the committee, that consists of Director level to Head of Department level.


The meeting for this level of the committee is being held once per year that is chaired by the Director.


3. Scheduled waste storage

For deep of our concern about the environment, our company build the facilities to handle and store before discharge to the environment. Our company generates around (0.172) metric tons of used rags and (0.5362) metric tons of contaminated bottle per year, we handle our scheduled waste with proper handling and storing to prevent the damage to the environment.

The scheduled waste storage and packaging facilities has been made in our company to store the scheduled waste before transfer to the off-site recovery facilities.


4. Result from applied environmental policy in this company

With followed the environmental policy that been establish in this company, there are positive impact to the scheduled waste management data result.


The data show a consistency scheduled wastes have been generated and not exceed the maximum limit for these six month.